Orthographic and grammar accuracy is extremely important for all documents. That is why Universo Traduções offers the proofreading service. Many times, the mere translation of a text is not enough. It needs to be carefully proofread in order to ensure a perfect communication. Since the international market is increasingly more demanding and competitive, the documents shared need an excellent translation and a careful proofreading.

The proofreading checks if the text is totally correct. If you present a final course paper or a text about your company to foreign investors containing evident errors, you will lose credibility and this may determine your definitive failure. Many people rely on their knowledge of the language and translate their documents by themselves. This self-assurance and the unawareness of translation techniques lead to errors and to a waste of time, when we compare this nonprofessional work with the services provided by a translator. Some companies still entrust the translation of its documents to agencies or professionals that are not qualified, which causes dissatisfaction and the ulterior hiring of a good translation agency so that its professionals can solve the problems.

Universo Traduções assigns the proofreading of your texts to the most skilled translators in the team and in the translations market. These professionals are chosen due to their proven proofreading ability, to their analytical profile and to the experience they acquired after many years of work, which ensures the proofreading excellence and does not allow for errors. Proofreading is a process that demands accuracy and adequacy for all project needs and complexity levels. Click here to clear up your doubts or hire our services!

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