Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous Translation

Do you intend to lecture to an international public and wants your message to be understood by people who speak another language? You need a simultaneous interpretation service. This type of service is provided by professionals specialized in the particulars of simultaneous interpretation, with years of experience in the activity and with a total command of the language and of the subject to be interpreted.

For your international lectures, meetings and negotiations, you will need an excellent simultaneous interpretation service, which can only be offered by experienced and qualified professionals. We know that your event has to exert the desired impact on the public when it comes to quality, understanding and organization. We are specialists in this field.

Universo Traduções counts on a team of simultaneous interpreters that will make sure your event is a success. If you want to get more information or to hire our simultaneous translation services, click here and we will readily answer you!

Team of experienced and responsible simultaneous interpreters

Professionals who are responsible and proficient in the themes to be interpreted

100% successful events

Commitment and agility for your event

We adapt your requests to the simultaneous interpretation service

Assistance from the beginning to the end of the event