Team Work

At Universo Traduções, we count on a team of extremely qualified collaborators that help us providing well-performed activities.

Our native translators team is formed by collaborators specialized in several knowledge areas. Therefore, we will be ready to make translations in varied situations. The same thing applies to our proofreaders, responsible for the grammar check and, together with our layout designers, for the aesthetic adjustment of books, sites, etc.

As to simultaneous translation, our interpreters are also native speakers, which causes them to be constantly aware of the speech mechanisms of the source language and of the target language. Consequently, they are able to perform mediations in different projects and situations.

The translation, proofreading, layout design and interpretation projects are directed to the respective teams, which count on specific managers who deal with each client request. In sum, your project will be handled so that all activities related to it are well structured and high quality.