Technical Translation

Technical Translation

Do you need a translation of a technical document? The technical translation has to be precise, and must no allow for errors. The translation of this type of text shall be accurate, otherwise your document may be discredited by your international clients and you will lose your market share.

A wrong choice in your strategy to translate a technical document or the option for an unsuitable translation agency may doom your project to failure. If you resort to machine translation services, the odds are 99% you will get an imprecise technical translation. Counting on a professional that is not experienced in the technical area in question also allows for errors, in addition to being a complete waste of time and money.

If you want your translation to be accepted in the international market, you need a translator who is specialized in the technical subject of the document. The message of the translated version shall be the same message of the original document, using the specific expressions and technical terms of the area. The target-market of the document shall also be known, aiming at a greater suitability of the text. This may only be accomplished by a qualified professional; and Universo Traduções provides its clients with guaranteed technical translation services. If you wish to clear up any doubt or to hire our services, click here!

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