Translation of Scientific Papers

Translation of Scientific Papers

Writing and translating scientific papers, final course papers, technical sheets and academic works is no easy task for scientists, students and professors. Many doubts may arise when they are being written.

The most common doubts are: What theme should I choose for the scientific paper? What is its purpose? What are the grammar rules? What type of language should I adopt in my work and/or paper? Which translation company should be entrusted with my scientific paper? How much does a technical translation cost? Where do I get technical assistance when translating into English?

We have to keep in mind that there is no recipe for writing a scientific paper, but there is a set of rules and premises that have to be followed.

We are specialists in the technical translation of scientific papers, final course papers (TCC) and all kinds of academic works. We strictly observe the translation techniques that meet the best practices of the academic segment, and we count on professionals specialized in several knowledge areas, such as Engineering, Health, Biology, IT, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts, among others.

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