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For eight years, we have been experts in professional translation, proofreading, and subtitling, helping companies and professionals to connect with customers around the world. We are part of a generation of new international business opportunities through language and consultancy services designed on a project-by-project basis.

We rely on key partners, so your project is taken care of from start to finish.

Companies that grew with us:

Our Services

Professional Translation

We work with target-language professionals, native and/or experienced translators with expertise in several areas, in order to ensure that we meet our high standards of quality and security in requested translations.

Professional Proofreading

We improve your text by correcting grammatical imperfections and checking general standardization without changing the original message.

Video Subtitling

We translate, find terms and phrases in other languages, inserting and synchronizing subtitles for movies, commercials, and institutional videos. Our efficient service ensures that your videos are returned at the agreed time, allowing you to quickly and easily publish them.

We are respected by renowned brands throughout the world.

Aline SBT

Here at SBT, we thank you for the partnership throughout the year. With tight deadlines, you always give us the most significant attention, making all the difference in the daily rush.

Author of the book “Telma Abrahão”

Universo Tradução is a company with impeccable delivery and professionalism. Both in the quality of translations and the commitment to the delivery time, which have always been very decisive for me. They translated my book into Spanish and English, and I want to thank you. I recommend them with my eyes closed!

Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Maciel Andrade Universidade Anhembi Morumbi

At first, the service hired was the proofreading; however, I was advised that the text needed to be better written, so I requested the complete manuscript translation. The work was excellent, so my article was accepted immediately. I recommend the services of this team.

Our customers

We proudly serve over 259,719 customers worldwide, from renowned universities to large global companies in various industries. We optimize our processes to meet your needs in more than 15 languages and any area of expertise and knowledge.

Who we are

Founded in 2015, Universo Traduções has helped more than 600 companies and professionals from all areas connect with the international market and present projects with high linguistic quality through our translation, proofreading, and subtitling services. Universo Traduções’ mission is to generate global growth opportunities for our customers, relying on key partners to complete projects from start to finish.

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High-quality translation solutions

We have a solid team of professionals prepared to handle large projects in more than 15 languages.


Our quotes are transparent, with per-word pricing, so you can drive your business and personal projects into new markets at competitive prices.


With over 50 certified translators working in all major time zones, we can comfortably meet your translation needs, regardless of volume.

Human quality

Our translations are 100% human. Translation tools are only used to speed up processes and ensure 100% perfection in the projects delivered.

Our solutions by area

  • Translation of research papers
  • Translation of reports
  • Translation of technical manuals
  • Translation of contracts
  • Translation of medical papers
  • Translation of books
  • Translation of application and software
  • Translation of websites
  • Translation of catalogs
  • Translation of games
  • Proofreading of research papers
  • Proofreading of reports
  • Proofreading of technical manuals
  • Proofreading of contracts
  • Proofreading of medical papers
  • Proofreading of books
  • Proofreading of application and software
  • Proofreading of websites
  • Proofreading of catalogs
  • Proofreading of games
  • Subtitling of lectures and events
  • Subtitling of webinar
  • Institutional subtitling
  • Subtitling of video classes
  • Subtitling of interviews
  • Corporate subtitling
  • Subtitling for social media
  • Subtitling of general video

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Is your company looking for a complete translation, proofreading, or subtitling solution? With our team of professionals, we can get your project ready to be presented to the world!

How to request a quote?

  1. Fill in the form on the side, including all the details you wish to;

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