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Technical translation

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Technical translation encompasses different specialized areas, considering specific terminology, subjects and language. It is a rising market, expected to move US$ 1.5 billion by 2024, according to data from surveys conducted by foreign research institutes such as Common Sense Advisory, leader in the study and independent analysis of the translation industry.

Among the sectors with the greatest presence in this translation market, the following stand out:




Industry and Trade






Technical Manuals




Research and Technology


Automobile Industry


Energy and Oil


Public and Private Administration









Because they are specific markets, in general, technical translators are professionals from certain areas or, if they are not, they are specialized in the technical field for which they work. Knowing languages is not enough for any kind of translation, let alone technical translations.

Knowing the subjects in depth, the terminology used in each sector and the culture of the target country of the translation are requirements that cannot be overlooked for the translation of technical content. A legal document, for example, uses completely different terms from those used to prepare a technical manual for industrial equipment, or a package insert.

This type of translation, more than others, requires a high degree of accuracy, a thorough understanding of specialized terminology, and familiarity with the context in which the content is to be applied. The advantage of hiring a technical translator, such as those who are part of the team at Universo, is that the more experience this professional has, the more complete and up-to-date the specialized vocabulary used by them will be, according to the needs of each work. This way, we guarantee that the final product will be delivered within the expected quality standard.

A lack of understanding about technical translation

A major misunderstanding about technical translation is to think that the most important requirement is knowing the terminology. Although knowing specific terms plays an important role in this type of translation, this is not more important than knowing how to translate a text using clear and objective language, considering a number of factors.

Universo offers technical translation of manuals on the operation of equipment from the food industry, instructions for assembly of petrochemical structures, protocol for aircraft landing and taking off, operation on oil rigs, installation plans of heavy machinery, contracts, financial reports, business documents, billings, among other materials.

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